Task 13: Primary Research and Methods

Analyse at least five different methods/approaches How might they be applied and used in your own subject specialism/practice? What ethical considerations might you need to address?   Text based Text based research is a way of gathering information through reading articles, books reference material, journals, all text based resources and theories that challenge or substantiate […]

Task 12: Doing research/using new approaches/methods

Some of these Methodologies are quite obvious in terms of my practice  but follow a general order. Other methodologies I am unsure about due to whether they would be relevant to my end goal. Text based Artistic Design Focused Investigating through practice Problem solving Participatory? Co-productive/ co-creative?

Task 10 &11:Writing in with and through your practice

Reflect on your ways of working as a practitioner. As a pattern cutter my normal method of working is quite literal – cutting up paper patterns to experiment with shape, fit and volume. Often used in an experimental way where I don’t stick to the conventional seam placement of side seams, straight panels or darts. […]

Task 9: Annotated Reading List

: Re-visit your reading list and write a summary of the sources you have been looking at and why they link to your research/creative interests.   This article appeared when I was researching corsetry and as I am interested in the mind/body connection, this was possibly relevant to my area of study and also may […]

Task 8: Analysing Research Folio

Choose a research folio to analyse in relation to your own research practice. Write a short blog entry on this.   Synthetic Spaces: The Digital Exploration of Three Sites in Huddersfield Prof Nic Clear   I chose this research folio as I am interested in the abstraction and manipulation of an image and creating a […]

Week Three:Symposium

The Barbara Hepworth symposium was interesting to see how artists reflected on the work of Barbara Hepworth within their own practice. Emis’ notion of the importance of the void in relation to her wark which explored the elements of the cultural void created by museum displayed artefacts that have a dsplaced existence from their Cultural […]

Week Three: Print workshop

Had the induction to the print workshop which slowly retrieved, bit by bit, the knowledge and experience I gained during my time at Goldsmiths College University of London. I specialized in print using Procion dyes on silk as they bind to the fibres of natural fabrics rather than sit on the surface like the binder […]

Task 6: Developing a Reading List

I was quite daunted by the prospect of compiling a reading list as I thought ‘ just where do I start?’! But after Rowan’s demonstration on summon using my search example of feminism and the nude it became clear with the use of technology there are so many ways to make your search so specific, […]

Task 7: Happiness Health and Wellbeing

https://huddersfield.brightspace.com/d2l/le/content/183666/viewContent/1132386/View Watch the recording and write a blog entry. Discuss why you are particularly interested in this approach to happiness, health and wellbeing I have chosen the cooling skull cap design project as this is most relevant to my area of study in Fashion. The Paxman cooling cap helps to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy.The […]