Taks 4: Part 2, Mapping your place in the Creative an Cultural Industries

What is my Identity as a Creative? So creating a mind map of my Idrntity as a creative highlights the primary areas I work in – Art, Design and Crafts. But this is also with a large part in Media in terms of photography and digital promotion and documentation, for aesthetics and as a business […]

Task 4: Part 1, Mapping Cultural Ecology and Cultural Critique

This exercise to create a mind map of the Cultural and Creative Industries has illustrated just how many disciplines overlap and are connected to, and influenced by societal factors. as John Holden states ‘this is a messy eco-system’! It was very difficult to categorise creative sectors into specific areas, requiring lengthy reflection as to how […]

Task 3: The Blog

The need to have a blog for reflective content has pushed my motivation to start the process of having new websites built; one for my couture label Sivinska and one for my classes and freelance work –  Cathie’s Creative – where you are now!. I have decided to use this as a business aid to […]

Task 2: Research Folder

The second task of starting a research folder I had already done, as I know how easy it is to get lost with content and being organized make life so much easier and achieves greater focus. It was specified that our research needs to be documented on a digital platform. This is fine for the […]

Task One: Three Slides

So our first task is to create three slides to show our current practice and areas  we wish to explore on the course. My current practice mainly revolves around bespoke bridal commissions but my main focus are some other pieces that have developed my creativity and ability in pattern cutting. Highlighting an interest in the […]

Week One

A great first day on Campus, a great site with inspirational Architecture and a great creative feel to the site. Module 1: Research Methods and Project Proposal After a long break from academia, this return to a scholarly environment gives me slight apprehension but also great excitement. Our introductory talk with Rowan Bailey and Anneka […]

Welcome to my Blog!

I will be writing this blog as an insight to my time studying for a Masters degree in Fashion: Creative Pattern Cutting at the University of Huddersfieldand will bepublished on my business website Cathie’s Creative. As a tutor myself it is important to inspire and lead the people you teach to explore their own creativity, […]