Task One: Three Slides

So our first task is to create three slides to show our current practice and areas  we wish to explore on the course.

My current practice mainly revolves around bespoke bridal commissions but my main focus are some other pieces that have developed my creativity and ability in pattern cutting. Highlighting an interest in the human form, anatomically and artistically. Also drawing from my love of corsetry, the historical and contemporary, this in combination with exploratory and experimental pattern cutting with a strong sculptural element.

This process has highlighted a vital need to get up to speed with digital platforms and to clearly organise my thoughts ideas and practice!

This was actually  my first time using Power point can you believe? Life as a busy single Mum running my own business for ten years hasn’t previously been a requirement. Narrowing down the image selection to just fit onto three slides, was quite difficult.. There are so many aspects of pattern cutting, artistry, and the aspect of giving my work a cohesive content, will I have thetime or opportunity to embrace them all?

Getting to grips with the digital platforms is essential to progress my development, and will hopefully  become a natural way of working – the key is to keep on to p of documenting and uploading all research content and also ideas and reflections.

At the moment it feels like a mountain to climb and I am aware that I may need some training in the digital processes to reach the same ability as other students. On the flip side of this I’m fairly sure my practical experience in Fashion and Textiles will be drawn upon to help others on the course with their practice, maybe we can collaborate?