Week Three: Print workshop

Had the induction to the print workshop which slowly retrieved, bit by bit, the knowledge and experience I gained during my time at Goldsmiths College University of London. I specialized in print using Procion dyes on silk as they bind to the fibres of natural fabrics rather than sit on the surface like the binder based printing inks. The fabric then retains its properties and with fabrics such as silk, retains it’s fluidity and sensuality. Very excited to have access to use these fascilities as a way on transposing the art of a body, obscured, manipulated and enhanced to be used in conjunction with the anatomy to be noted through pattern cut seams. Not a huge amount has changed but the addition of discharge dyes gives such a beautiful effect, such intense clear ink translucent colours that emulate the light refraction of precious stones! Although these are only really viable on synthetic fabrics and I was hoping to concentrate on using natural fibres. \synthetics could be used if the cloth is from a pre used garment, found objects perhaps or experiment with using the halfway house fabrics such as Viscose and Acetate? I also like the element of fixing creases and leaving an impression of something textured possibly? Molding the cloth. I am also greatly appreciating the Contemporary Critical Silk prints using procion dyes, layered imagery from Life drawi, stencilsngs and photographs with digital graphic manipulationTheory that we experienced as the written element of my Degree in Textiles at Goldsmiths. At the time I only managed to apply this to the written form, youth and inexperience meant I found it hard to apply this on a practical level. We were expected to have our ‘practice ‘ readily established, which is difficult without the back up of life experiences and self discovery of our aesthetic, physical and intellectual passions. Now I feel ready and driven to apply the writing and thoughts to manifest into my practice. After all isn’t the purpose of studying art to put words behind the visual?