Week Three:Symposium

The Barbara Hepworth symposium was interesting to see how artists reflected on the work of Barbara Hepworth within their own practice.

Emis’ notion of the importance of the void in relation to her wark which explored the elements of the cultural void created by museum displayed artefacts that have a dsplaced existence from their Cultural origins.

I also thought that Hepworths’ statement of having a ‘thinking left hand, explored by Eleanor, very interesting. Which hand do I feel with? As a practical and tactile person, constantly feeling and making, the skill in my right hand – does the left do the feeling? The major importance of touch within textile and fashion, being able to identify the  material content of fabric just through heightened sensitivity through years of experience touching cloth.

I particularly enjoyed the video of Elizabeth Price at the house of Stanley Picker. The video filmed the light infused geometry of the interior of this  immaculate modernist house. I am a fan of nmodernist interiors with their furniture with sculptural qualities, the use of materials like, class wood, metal and how the light flows through the space and reflects on these complementary surfaces. I also thought that the cinematoghraphy showed the interplay of the artefacts, their conscious placement adjacent to each other from differing artistic movements, contrasting yet complementary. Within this interior seemed to make each piece more beautiful in this context, the whole environment is greater than the sum of its parts. I lso thought the soundscape, music and graphics of the piece made this video an experiential art piece and loved the impact of the change of narrative to the concept of inhabiting and using the space with your own bodily functions, ‘make up to make love in’. a tantalizing notion to temporarily invading the space with your own lived experience – all based on the possible narrative behind the violet irredescent finger print on the glass like reflective surface of the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture.

This artpiece made me think about the importance of context when showing your work, how the environment can significantly alter your perception of a piece, how the viewr can change their perspective of what they have seen depending on experiential enjoyment – in terms of fashion, the difference between a garment hanging on a clothes rail or seen displayed or documented as an artpiece.

Also in conjunction with the soundscapes from Nowanda and her interest in the aural sensory phenomenon of AMSR, could I create a visually immersive experience of my work and how it is seen, experienced and displayed?